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Any Way You Slice It: Andolini’s new expansion serves up five styles of pizza under one downtown roof.


Brothers Mike and Jim Bausch have been bringing what they call “Tulsa Style” pizza to the Metro area since 2005. When they opened the first Andolini’s location in Owasso, their goal was to focus on quality. Quality ingredients, quality service, and a quality product. The marriage of a New York-style crust, and California-style toppings was a hit with their customers, including those from outside the Owasso area. To satisfy their fans in Tulsa, they opened a second location on Cherry Street in 2011. Anyone who has walked past the building at lunch or dinner time knows it was very well received, and continues to draw large crowds.


Wanting to bring a new style of pizza to their customers, the brothers decided to create a new brand under the Andolini’s umbrella, and in 2014 launched STG, first as a small gelato shop at The Farm Shopping Center, and then later as a restaurant in downtown Tulsa’s Blue Dome Arts District. STG, which stands for Specialità Tradizionale Garantita, and means “Specialty & Tradition Guaranteed” is essentially a promise to the customer that the Napolitano-style pizza they serve will be absolutely authentic. From the San Marzano tomatoes, to the Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven that was custom made for them in Naples, the ingredients and methods stay true to the original.

In addition to the new brand, Andolini’s also opened a third location in Broken Arrow, a food truck that serves up some of their favorite slices on the go, and their fourth location at the Riverwalk in Jenks (which also serves their delicious gelato). Earlier this summer, they opened a second STG location in Broken Arrow, and added fresh house-made pasta to the menu.

Still not convinced that they had brought us all of the great pizza that we need, the brothers Bausch decided to expand even further, and combine our existing favorites with some new additions, all under one roof. Starting Monday October 16th, the original STG location downtown will now be Andolini’s Slice. Slice will still serve your STG favorites, including the traditional Margherita, Diavolo, and Mushroom; but now you can also enjoy your favorite Andolini’s  “Tulsa Style” pizzas (Vesuvio, Florentine, S.P.Q.R.), salads, and appetizers as well. In addition to the Garlic Knots, Satriale’s Salad, and house made Mozzarella slices, they have added some new items. This week I sampled their Fried Artichokes, which were served with a pistachio pesto aioli. Sorry diet, those are here to stay.


For those wanting the classic NYC style of Little Italy, their Spring Street is always a favorite. Their NYC Street Slice Cheese Pizza is made with a high butter fat Mozzarella, and served on a classic foldable crust. This is the perfect slice to enjoy on your way to a concert downtown. If you prefer a taste of Brooklyn, their signature DeMarco of Brooklyn is a delicious homage to the J Street favorite.

Brand new to the menu is the Roman Square Slice. The dough, made with heavily-hydrated Italian flour takes 5 days to make, since the fermentation is what gives the crust it’s aerated crumb and slight sourdough flavor.


Topping options range from a very simple  SoHo style (Mozzarella on the bottom, sauce on the top) to a black truffle & mushroom combo. The “cup and char” style pepperoni are crispy and delicious, and there is even a potato & broccoli pie.

So what does one do after sampling WAY too much pizza? Why, eat gelato of course! In addition to the classic Italian flavors STG is known for, we sampled their new “Bella Vita” gelato. This one is decadent. A vanilla-bean gelato base, with a layer of salted caramel, a layer of stracchiatella (Italy’s answer to chocolate chip, made with thin shards of chocolate) and chocolate-covered Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal pieces.


For those who work downtown, this will be a great lunch option, since they will be offering 2 slices plus a soda for $10, tax included.


Next door to the original space, is Bar Vitale, which when completed in a couple of weeks, will be connected through an interior doorway. The art-deco themed bar will feature craft cocktails, wine, and a selection of local and craft beers. Did I mention that I have serious copper tap bar envy? When we visited, the artist was still at work on the custom wall murals.

Andolini’s Slice will be open 7 days a week, from 11am – 10pm on Weekdays, and 11am to Midnight on Weekends, 363 days a year (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas). Late night service is planned in the future.


Andolini’s Slice

114 S. Detroit Ave.