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Stories on Plates: The Accidentally Meatless Menu

Every dish has a story, and the best stories have a delicious memory associated with them. Join me for some of my favorite dishes, and the stories that inspired them.

It isn’t that often that I find myself building a menu of seven courses, only to realize that it is entirely vegetarian. Tonight’s stories will include one of my earliest memories of my cheese obsession, an entertaining evening at the drive-in movies, a trip through Treviso, the one dish I must eat to mark the change of a season, an afternoon in Ravenna, and a Southwest spin on my first favorite dessert, inspired my favorite Aunt.


risotto, radicchio di treviso, grana


handmade pasta, artichoke, béchamel, pecorino


chevre, arugula, thyme, fig, pomegranate


 mixed mushrooms, wild rice, sherry crema, porcini crisp


eggplant, mixed squash, tomato, piperade, balsamic vinaigrette


mosaic of citrus


orange, pinon, cardamom-sour cream gelato

We are happy to have the help of local beverage experts to sample through some great pairings with our edible stories.

**Please note that this meal contains dairy, wheat, eggs, nightshades, and nuts. Please notify us at the time of booking if you have any food allergies**

 Seats at this event are $100 per person, and since it will be held in a private midtown OKC venue, are limited to eight. The address of this event will be sent at the time of reservation confirmation. To request a spot, please complete the form below.

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